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Operation RoomOxygen supply system
Air Handing Unit

High air flow, more powerful. …了解详细

Stainless Steel Equipment

Instrument Cabinet,Medicine Cabinet,Anesthetist Cabinet,Medical Insulated Cabinet,Medical Refrigerating Cabinet,Power Socket Box,Medical …了解详细

Clean Wall Panel Series

Anti-static, fireproof, shock resistant, sound insulation.Anti-dust, corrosion resistance, moisture proof, antivirus.Easy to clean.Not ea …了解详细

Test Facility

Differential pressure gauge,Noise meter,Illuminance meter,Anemometer,Particle counter,Smoke generator. …了解详细

Power Distribution System

OT central information panel,OT distribution box,AHU distribution box,IT monitor system,UPS power …了解详细

Clean Lighting Series

Energy saving,Comfortable brightness,Soft lighting,Eco-friendly,Anti-dust,Anti-acid,Anti- alkali,Easy installation. …了解详细

Medical Hand Sink

Medical Stainless Steel Hand Sink,Medical Stainless Steel Sink,Artificial marble Sink. …了解详细

Medical Door Series

Wall-hanging single automatic sliding door,Wall-hanging double automatic sliding door,Embedded single automatic door,Embedded double auto …了解详细

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