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A detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of t

The development of drive technology, from the original outdoors to the emergence of all kinds of excellent technology in China, can see the progress of domestic technology. At the same time, we can see that every technological innovation will bring se ...了解更多


On the difference between step motor and servo motor

On the difference between step motor and servo motor ...了解更多


Comparison of the performance of AC servo motor and step mot

As we all know, the main function of motor is to produce mechanical drive torque. As the power source of various electrical and mechanical operation, it is an important part of numerical control cutting machine. However, the widely applied motors in t ...了解更多


Basic requirements and characteristics of CNC machine tool s

A servo motor (servomotor) is an engine that controls the operation of a mechanical component in a servo system. It is a kind of auxiliary motor indirect transmission. The servo motor can control the speed, the position precision is very accurate, the ...了解更多


Discussion on the control method of step motor based on VC++

Stepper motor is a motor that converts electrical pulse signal into linear displacement or angular displacement, but stepper motor control is usually carried out in assembly language or C language. In this paper, we take SC3 stepper motor controller a ...了解更多

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